Creating our Own Waves: Casual Chic meets Beach Threads

Welcome to Tug Stuff located in the heart of Leland. Discover what all the buzz is about. We’ve cultivated a dynamic combination of top selected threads that reflect our traditions. Tug Stuff believes fun represents the ultimate form of expression. Our brand is more than just beachwear, it’s a vibrant story of community, heritage, that incorporates the joy of family. Furthermore, we’re proud to be the emblem of Leland’s Utopia. You can spot us all around our local community, far and wide. Join us in the excitement, a place where laughter echoes along the shorelines, where every Tug Boat tells a story, and where the best moments of life are represented by your favorite piece of clothing. Celebrate the waves that inspire us, the threads that bind us, and the joy of all of our creations. Originality is everything to us, when you shop Tug Stuff you get a bonafide one of a kind piece that represents your free spirit. There’s nowhere else to shop our brand except our store in Fishtown or on our website.

Gear up for life’s greatest adventures with Tug Stuff’s versatile range of casual beachwear! Embrace every moment, whether you’re chasing waves or building sandcastles – our collection is tailored for your vibrant lifestyle. For men, women, youth, toddlers, and even the littlest adventurers, Tug Stuff offers comfort and style for every beach-loving soul. From breezy tees to adorable infant wear, we believe in celebrating every stage of life’s journey. Dive in and discover clothing that embodies the joy of living life to the fullest. It’s time to outfit yourself for endless happiness and endless adventures!

Tug Stuff making Big Wakes

Our journey began with a whimsical vision inspired by Leland’s rich history of fishing. Today we look at our visionary founders and dedicated team with prideful hearts, they’ve made Tug Stuff more than a dream. They’ve turned it into reality. To us Tug isn’t just a boat; it’s a bridge that connects us to cherished memories, an homage to Leland’s historic past, to its summer nights. It’s the nostalgic embrace we hold near and dear in our hearts. Cheers to spreading Tug Love, weaving the best moments with the ones we love.

Inspiration Strikes; We Love You Janice Sue

In 1958 fishing was still the foundation of Leland. The Janice Sue sailed under the guidance of Captain Louis Steffens and was christened in honor of his three year old niece. Quickly The Janice Sue became a committed symbol of resilience against waves, ice, or any obstacle thrown at her. Steel-hulled tug boats replaced their wooden predecessors. Even today, the tug boat stands as one of the most integral icons of Great Lakes maritime legacy forever etching their presence into the very fabric of our Fishtown’s enduring traditions.

Our Mission is to Bring Fishtown Waves to You

Anchored in Heritage: The Tug Emblem is Our Leland Roots

The Tug emblem was given life by local artist Malcom Chatfield. Undoubtedly it has become the unspoken symbol of Leland for over three decades. Chatfield, founder of Main Street Art Gallery has deep roots in Leland, making his iconic symbol one of devote appreciation for his community. Chrissy Chatfield found even more inspiration from the iconic Tug boat Symbol. With her vision a brand was born, Tug Stuff. She wanted something that infused vibrance, affectionate essence and life into every piece sold, giving each collector a taste of Janice Sue’s vibrant spirit and a piece of Fishtown that they could take home.

Discovering Fishtown: A Historic Maritime Gem

Formerly the bustling hub of a thriving fishing village, Fishtown remains a charming haven nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan, in Leland. Steeped in history, it boasts weathered fishing shanties, bustling smokehouses, and a vibrant tapestry of artists, charter boats, quaint shops, and weathered docks standing proudly at the mouth of the Leland River. Here, both the the Janice Sue and the Joy (beloved Tug Boats) find their haven. Fishtown proudly preserves one of the Great Lakes’ last surviving commercial fishing enterprises, preserving a piece of maritime heritage.

Tug Along with Us